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Circular Corrugated Sheet Industrial Troughted Sheet Tiled Profile

Versatility in terms of usage is an aspect that makes Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets a wise choice. They can be used in various ways to build a variety of structures such as:

• Warehouses and Logistic Centre
• Industrial Buildings and Sheds
• Airports and Aircraft Hangers
• Poultry Farms
• Barracks and Makeshift Habitats
• Cold Storage Chain
• Insulation for Boilers
• Cladding and wall Panels
• Conveyor Gantry housing
• Insulated Sandwich Panels, etc.,
Besides this, their durability and cost effectiveness make them the ideal choice for varied applications

Types of Sheets – Shapes & finish Circular (sinusoidal)

Corrugated Sheets

• Plain mill finish
• Stucco – embossed
• Colour-coated option

Trapezoidal (Industrial) Sheets
• Plain mill finish
• Stucco – embossed
• Colour-coated option

Tiled Profile
• Mangalorean architecture

Typical Properties
Alloys :
Everlast Aluminium sheets are available in different alloys – AA3105, AA3003 and AA 8011.
Thickness : Everlast Aluminium Sheets are available in thickness varying from 0.30 mm to 1.60 mm.
Widths : Everlast Aluminium Sheets are available in width.
Length : Everlast Aluminium sheets are available in lengths between 1500 mm and 6500 mm. other lengths can be provided on request.

Young’s Modulus
Young’s Modulus or Modulus of elasticity for Aluminium is 7.0 x 104 MPa.

Yield Strength
Minimum yield strength offered is 160 MPa for AA3105H18.

Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS)
UTS for aluminium alloy is specific as in table.

Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion :
Coefficient of linear expansion for aluminium (200C-1000C) is 23.21 x 10-6 per degree centigrade.

Everlast Aluminium Sheets can be bent to required shape, subject to applicable bend radii for the alloy.

Typical Weldability
Gas (Oxy-Acetylene) – Excellent
Arc (TIG-MIG) – Excellent
Resistance (Spot, Seam, Stud) – Excellent

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